Marsans is a niche international legal practice, constantly adapting and adding new practice areas to our skill set in order to provide a professional and flexible approach to our clients’ legal problems.

We intend to retain and attract talented individuals to work within the firm in order to ensure we maintain our growth and success.

One of our core values is providing unique solutions in order to deliver results for our clients. In order to do so, we provide our staff every opportunity to develop in a variety of practise areas.
At Marsans, we believe in supporting and nurturing our staff. To aspiring solicitors, we offer the opportunity to undertake legal qualifications part time whilst working with us. Upon completion of legal qualifications, we are capable of offering aspiring solicitors the opportunity to train with us.
We are always looking to recruit experienced and newly qualified lawyers as well as support staff. If you are interested in joining our burgeoning team, please send your CV and a short covering letter using the form below.