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A list of the nature of disputes that end up in court are endless. They can range from matters including, unpaid bills to intellectual Property, defective products to competition law, etc.

Going to court should always be the last resort. However, when things do go wrong our experienced and knowledgeable litigation team will know what to do.

We will explain to you, in plain and simple language, the merits of your case and the options available to you in resolving the dispute out of court.
In the event court action cannot be avoided you can count on our team of litigators who are highly motivated and fearless. They are dedicated and passionate about winning. They will faithfully work on your case from start to finish and build a robust case with a view to securing the best possible outcome for you.


A litigator is defined as a “lawyer who specialises in taking legal action against people and organisations.” We consider this to be a broad definition. We would add that a litigator is responsible for journeying a case from the very beginning to the very end. They should be dedicated, highly knowledgeable and completely committed to your cause.

The list of disputes that can eventually lead to court is vast. They range from unpaid bills to protection of intellectual property. Our team of litigators have experience in dealing with a diverse collection of cases.

At Marsans, we use our knowledge to explain how we will approach your situation in clear, concise language. We outline the merits of your case and the options available that can hopefully lead to a resolution of the dispute outside of court.

Our litigation team will faithfully conduct your case with vigour and integrity. Our litigation team are both highly motivated and fearless. We are passionate about winning and will be the bold, driven barrier between you and your opposition. You can also rest assured that should court action be unavoidable, our trusted team of litigators will have prepared a robust case on your behalf.

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Alternatives to Court

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) refers to the ways of resolving a dispute that doesn’t involve a court appearance. There are a number of different methods that can be used, including mediation and arbitration, and they are all initiated with the sole purpose of preventing litigation.

As with all services Marsans offer, we will look to recommend the most beneficial option for your specific case. The ideal scenario is always to avoid court, so if there are alternative options outside of court at our disposal that we believe will lead to this positive outcome, we will look to enact them.

Firstly, though, we will explain these options to you and exactly what they entail. Our skilled team of litigators and mediators have a wealth of experience when it comes to representing clients in alternative forums. It is our goal to find the swiftest road to resolution.

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We know how important yours and your organisations reputation and livihood is to you.

Whether it is a prosecution brought by the Local Authority, Home Office, Trading Standards, Health & Safety Executive, HM Revenue and Customs etc, in Marsans you will have a trusted and experienced partner that will robustly defend the case and navigate you through the proceedings keeping your reputation and livihood in tact.

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What clients say

  • “So far you are always bringing me good news”.

    Tiho Strbac

  • I cannot thank you (Jikoa Monu) enough for all your hard work and expertise in our recent need of a business contract ‘drawing up’. As time was very limited, you still managed to complete in time; allowing everything to run smoothly.

    Kind regards, Susan

  • Marsans are very approachable, friendly and efficient. They accomplish their results with the utmost in professionalism.

    Siraj Deane

  • “Kumar is an outstanding lawyer who demonstrates tremendous understanding and empathy with his clients. He is open and honest and the deeply held principles tinged with sound realism, that underline his enthusiasm for his work, are apparent at all time”

    Noble Retail Limited

  • “I can’t thank Kumar enough for his hard work and determination with my recent Immigration Judicial review proceedings, his sensitivity at what was the worst time in my life really helped get me through it.  I thoroughly recommend Kumar not just on a professional capacity, where he is excellent but as a kind and caring human being. Thank you so much again,”

    Suresh Vellore

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